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Chelsey Smiles in "Workout Suit"
Lil' Zoe is a wreckin' ball. We went to go workout and boy o' boy did she worked me out good. I'm just here getting my workout suit off, it's hot now!
Lisa Love in "Punk School Girl"
Sup ya'll. Let's go to this punk show down by the river! It's gonna' be fun! But before I head out, I'mma play with myself for a bit. LOL.
Lisa Love in "Pink Fur"
Pink Fur, how did I end up in Lil' Madison's room? Haha, that girl really does love her pink. As long as I'm here, might as well use her comfy bed to my advantage. Anyone wanna' play with me?
Lil Zoe in "Silver Bullet"
So, it looks like I'mma take a bullet for ya'll today...the "Silver Bullet", LOL. It tastes like candy :)
Lil Zoe in "Dirty Little Me"
Dirty Little Me! Texxx is darn hot if ya'll ask me, but he is kinda' mean...to my pussy. He is kinda' big, and I'm really lil'. That ass, LOL.
Lil Madison in "Pool"
Oh no! It's very sunny out, and I hope I don't get any tan lines. To make sure I'll bare it all out by the pool today.
Lil Madison in "Limo"
I've never had this much fun in a limo before today! Wait a darn minute here, did I just make my finger disappear? You tell me.
Carma Cain in "November Nudity"
Who is that girl in the photos with me?? oOO, it's our hot makeup artist feelin' me up. It actually feel really good. My nipples are very sensitive these days.
Carma Cain in "Go Go Dancer"
I've been a naughty gal. Texxx came over today and we, ummm, fooled around for a bit ya'll can say. He split my legs up pretty good too.
Carma Cain in "Black Couch"
Sitting in the Camp Cutie office with notta' thang ta' do. So I sit on my big black couch for a bit looking sexy right guyz? And I take off my clothes...the day has gotten a lil' more interesting now.
Amy Diaz in "Camp Cutie Office Nudie"
Camp Cutie office didn't intimidate me. I went in there expecting it...show a lil' this, a lil' that, rub my clit, spread my ass, LOL. Ya'll was fun :).
Amy Diaz in "Sexy in the Bathroom"
I'mma getting ready for slumber land! But I feel so fuckin' horny! Nothing like playin' in the bathroom before a good night's rest.
Alexis Micino in "My Lil Toy"
My lil' toy felt kinda weird, but it was still pretty fun to experience somethang new. Although I didn't tell the guy's how good it felt when I put it at a higher speed. Our lil' secret ;)
Alexis Micino in "Kyle and Alexis"
Kyle looks so hot with his hat on. I told him to leave it on while he fucks the shit out of me. Did I say that out loud? Whoa, what on earth got into me...oOoo, Kyle's dick, LOL.
Alexis Micino in "Alexis and Adrianna and Feet"
Today I hung out with Adrianna, this hot girlie girl with some soft breasts. She had very nice feet too, and rubbing them really got me goin'.
Lil Zoe in "Warehouse"
How on earth did I end up all the way out here? I think I made a wrong left somewhere. Oh darn, I might as well play in this warehouse, LOL.
Lil Zoe in "Spongebob No Pants"
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Spongebob no pants!! Hehe, today I laid on my bed all day, it was really chill. Maybe it was because of the ice cream fun I had.
Lisa Love in "Lezbo Pole Lovin"
Kylee Karr is one crazy gal! Hot and crazy, just how I like 'em. We did some dancing on a stripper pole, and did a lil' bit of lezbo licking.
Lisa Love in "Red Bikini Rock"
So, ya'll probably wondering what I'm doing out in the middle of nowhere with my bikini on. I just wanted to be alone for a while to has some of "my time". You can guess what that is.
Lisa Love in "Anarchy Rock"
Anarchy Rock!! So does this mean I get to follow my own rules, oh wait, I have none. What should I do? Hmm, anything goes here at Anarchy Rock.
Lisa Love in "Leopard"
Nothing is as soft as leopard, I'll tell ya'll what?!?! I'm just laying here waiting on Kylee Karr, that hot piece of love.
Lisa Love in "Strippin Pole"
Who wants a strip tease? Ya'll want me to take off all my clothes you say? Hmm, lemme think about that one. Enjoy the show boyz.
Lil Zoe in "Roller Blades"
I just bought these new roller-blades and they're tougher than I thought. Is someone gonna' help me up, or are ya'll just gonna' sit there and watch me get up my lonesome.
Lil Zoe in "Teachers Pet"
I've almost been the teacher's pet and I'mma takin' that attitude over to our camp, hehe. But I still need a teacher, any out there?
Lil Zoe in "Skinny Dip In The Hotel Pool"
The girls and I took a trip over to the city. We got this hotel room and boy o' boy did I have a fun night. I snuck off to the pool and went skinny dipping :).
Lil Zoe in "50 Yard Line"
Hmmm, fun at the 50 yard line. It was a cold night as you can see, but I had my ways to warm myself up.
Lil Zoe in "Chocolate Ice Cream"
Who likes ice cream? How about chocolate syrup? And how about it all over me? It got all sticky and need ya'll ta' like it of me clean!
Lil Zoe in "Flower Bath"
I'm all dirty and I need myself a bath. I can sure use the company guyz. Come scrub my back :).
Kylee Karr in "My Girl on the Couch"
Lisa Love can surely lick a good pussy like mine. This chick is is hot and sexy. Two good pluses is my book. I wonder what type of music she is inta'.
Kylee Karr in "Fucking Lisa Love"
Fuckin' Lisa Love and I again, this time out in the open like wild beasts. She knows I like it rough, and with her hand on my head takin' the wheel, got me fuckin' hot!
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